The Flea

Find your treasure in the bazaar! Purveyors of the peculiar, artisans of the odd. Our custom curated mini Marketplace will feature some of the finest wares around. With everything from science to fashion, there will be treasures here not to miss. 

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Jessi Hardesty of Pumpkinhead Printshop

Jessi Hardesty is an anxious mark maker who fixates on characters and objects that explore identity, longing, communication, and escapism. Masked figures, fictional characters, and other manifestations of persona intermingle and appear repeatedly in her graphic works and drawings. By exploring the constant tension between reality and fantasy, her work can question the contemporary curation of persona and obsession with the otherworldly. She is able to channel and address concepts of spiritualism, ephemera, and technology via the ritual labor of carving and printing. She returns always to woodcut as the main vehicle for her creations, being drawn to the decisive nature of the carved mark.

artemis apollo jewelry

Artemis Apollo Jewelry creates one of a kind jewelry in copper, silver and gold. All of the jewelry is wire wrapped and forged by hand. The items range from intricate beaded pieces to wire wrapped bones and skulls.


outlaw candy

Outlaw Candy is a one woman operation inspired by vintage, rock and roll, the Southwest, and love of strange and unique things. Formerly an art teacher who took summer road trips, travel and adventure have inspired all the artwork. Yarn painting is a native Mexican tradition used as a form of mediation. The ‘original’ spiked punk skulls were acquired in South Dakota and inspired by Damien Hurst.

April alayne of always april

     April was born right outside of Baltimore, MD. She is a self taught artist and has been painting and drawing since she could hold onto a brush. Her favorite things to draw are people and ideas. She also greatly enjoys drawing foliage, animals and personifying otherwise everyday objects. She draws inspiration from emotions, colors, movement — basically life.